Which is better, Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?

Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?

Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?Marriage is the sweetest, most thrilling and satisfying experience a man can have. What could be more different than sharing your life partner’s joys and sorrows, learning something new from a sweet and bitter experience as a couple and being satisfied with all these last minute thoughts? So let’s learn a few things about Love Marriage or arranged Marriage.

Is a love marriage a good marriage?
They have different arguments in both cases. 

Which is better, Love Marriage or Orange Marriage?
Which is better, Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?

Love Marriage: Some people think that it is better to have a love marriage, they think that life partners get to know each other better already. We already have a habit of loving each other a lot, we already know each other’s preferences. The main point is that they are already in the habit of living together.

arranged Marriage: Some people think it is right to have an arranged Marriage because in it 2 families happily match each other and also get the right support. After marriage, it is very interesting to get to know, understand, romance your spouse and this is why this beautiful feeling gradually takes the form of love and the sacred bond of marriage becomes stronger.

Arrange Marriage 

Which is better, Love Marriage or Orange Marriage?
Which is better, Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?

Your parents or relatives start giving you subtle hints about marriage. Sometimes joking in between, they say that their uncle or aunt knows someone who will be really perfect for you. For most of today’s modern youth, there is not much attraction in arranged marriage. However, the fact is that about 70% of Indians tend to have Orange marriages.

Marriage is an important social tradition and everyone wants a perfect partner. In a love marriage, the person chooses the life partner on their own, while in the case of an arranged marriage, the life partner chooses the parents or relatives.

Marriage is not just a reunion of two people but a reunion of two families, two social networks that are now more connected than ever. Arranged marriage focuses on this family reunion. When looking for a mate for your son or daughter, parents first check if the family of the prospective bride or groom is compatible with them.

In Love Marriage, you already know the person’s preferences. You know the good and the bad in that person as well as the behavior of that person. Love marriage usually does not involve families as usually the girl or boy marries the person of their choice. Often their families do not support them and do not participate in their children’s decisions.

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Here are some tips to help you get started with Love Marriage or arranged Marriage
1) Decision to get married

The decision to get married in a love marriage is up to both of them.
Family members and relatives are also involved in the decision of marriage.
2) Preferences

In Love Marriage, you already know each other’s preferences.
arranged marriages take a while to understand each other’s preferences.
3) Fear

There is no fear in love.
There is a little bit of fear in a arranged marriage that your spouse will live well with you, right?
4) Faith

Love marriage already trusts each other.
Not knowing each other much in an arranged marriage doesn’t immediately lead to complete trust. It is late but very tight.
5) Experience:

Knowing everything about each other doesn’t make love so exciting after marriage.
Since everything is new, there is a lot of curiosity to love, to get to know each other, to get new experiences.
6) Relatives

Love marriage already has music about everything so who cares? You already have an idea of ​​what you don’t like.
Everything is new in arranged
7) Career

When to complete education? The job, as well as the age at which you want to get married, are all pre-determined in a love marriage.
Sometimes a arranged marriage leaves the career incomplete or even gets the support of the family.
8) Consent of the family:

In our society, love marriage is not preferred.
Arranged marriages are arranged by the family, so the marriage is consensual.
According to some, the decision to choose a spouse should be in one’s own hands. Love is the basis of any marriage. In a love marriage, the couple knows each other very well and most of the time they both already understand each other, so there are not many conflicts / they are avoided. Usually love marriage is about equality.

Which is better, Love Marriage or Orange Marriage?
Which is better, Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?

Couples who make love marriages are usually independent. If they want to get out of a relationship, they don’t think much of relatives. In some parts of India, love marriages are still socially unacceptable. Also, some people think that it is very dangerous to have a love marriage because youngsters, of course, today’s young generation are confused about the concept of both attraction and love. Life is not all about love. One should also check the family background, financial situation, the environment in which they grew up, etc.

But sometimes it comes as a coincidence that after marriage the husband / wife married his / her boyfriend, or after the marriage he / she killed his / her spouse, contact
Continued and had other relationships with the lover. Probably the reason why these things happen more in India and not in any other country is the compulsion to marry a person of our caste. Most of the time in arranged Marriage one is married against the will of a boy / girl of the same caste against one’s will. Sometimes the boy or girl has a relationship with someone of another caste but they are ready for marriage because of the wishes of the parents.

Love Marriage or arranged Marriage? 

Which is better, Love Marriage or Orange Marriage?
Which is better, Love Marriage or arranged Marriage?

Everyone definitely needs a life partner. No two people can ever be exactly alike because each person has a variety of attitudes, thought processes, qualities, and behaviors. One cannot expect another to be the same as he / she is. That means you have to compromise after marriage. Those who are in love know this even after a few years of marriage because the reality of the couple’s personality is tested while maintaining the married life.

A perfect or successful marriage is one where the couple is in harmony with each other. The husband may think that his wife is not perfect. But he can compliment her by ignoring her wrong side. This also applies to the wife. In the case of a newlywed or ‘her beloved man before marriage’ the husband may not be her ‘prince of dreams’, but she may find the bright side of her husband to openly appreciate and ignore any wrong side discovered recently.

Whether it is a love marriage or a arranged marriage, it can only last if the relationship is serious and sincere. The choice of life partner should be made according to their wishes and not by force. Nowadays people are taking time to learn more about each other even before marriage. This is a sign of a progressive society.

Have an arranged Marriage or a Love Marriage, but it is more important to spend the sweetest moments of your life with your same partner. Decided to get married anyway but in the end if you can’t give respect, love and time to your partner then love marriage or arranged marriage will not make any sense.

I remember Vidya Bhutkar’s poem on this subject,

“Love Aso Ki arranged
However, marriage is the same.
How the two met
There is only a gap between the two. “

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