Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad explain in detail

Masturbation is Health Beneficial or Harmful?


Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad
Is Masturbation Good For You?


Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad You may have read that questions like ‘Doctor I have got a bad habit of masturbating, Doctor masturbation has stunted the growth of my body’ are usually asked in newspapers and magazines. More or less such questions are in the minds of most people.

Sex and most of the things related to it are considered taboo, so questions on many topics, including masturbation, remain the same.

From the age when curiosity about sex and masturbation begins to arise, no one is available to answer them. Therefore, there is a high risk of being asked the wrong questions and getting the wrong answers.

Women do masturbate, right?

‘Sex during menstruation? Qualified or Ineligible?

How often do you think about sex?

Because masturbation is not talked about openly, there is a high risk of misconceptions, rumors, frightening thoughts, and improper guidance. Therefore, the person is more likely to be confused.


What is masturbation?

Masturbation means that a person enjoys ‘physical’ pleasure by touching his genitals. While masturbating, a person ejaculates by bringing some ideas to his eyes, stimulating himself by thinking of physical pleasure. Each person performs this process differently.

Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad
Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad

Although it is termed as masturbation, many people use different methods to ejaculate. So not everyone will use the hand in the concept of masturbation.

Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad? What if I haven’t masturbated?

The author of the book ‘Samagra Kamajivan’ and a sexual problem expert, Dr. Speaking to BBC Marathi, Rajan Bhosale said, “Even if the word masturbation refers to the word ‘hand’, everyone’s method may be different. There may be different ways to enjoy oneself. His goal is to ejaculate and enjoy himself. So nowadays the word ‘self pleasure’ is used for masturbation. “


Is Masturbation Bad?

There is nothing wrong with masturbating. There is nothing wrong with a person enjoying himself. This is a very private, personal matter. But masturbating in public is a crime.


Does Masturbation Affect Your Health? So the immunity decreases?

Masturbation does not cause any physical harm. This does not affect reproduction, semen production, or dark circles under the eyes.


Does Masturbation Really Affect the Body? (Representative photo)


Masturbation has no effect on immunity at all. There is no weakness. The author of the book ‘Myths and Facts of Masturbation’ and sexuality expert Dr. Prasanna Gadre gave more information while talking to BBC Marathi.


He said, “The question is whether to masturbate during corona, but there is nothing wrong with masturbating during corona. If corona only lowers oxygen level, do not take any kind of physical, mental stress. So it doesn’t matter if you masturbate.


Does masturbation cause blood loss?

There is a misconception that masturbation causes semen to pass and it reduces blood flow and ultimately lowers immunity. Gadre said, “There is no connection between white blood cells, red blood cell count and semen. It is a misconception that semen loss reduces blood flow and lowers immunity. There is no such thing.”

Masturbation: Is Masturbation Good or Bad

It is a common misconception that semen loss reduces blood flow and lowers immunity.

Masturbation is used to relieve stress that lowers immunity. “During masturbation, the brain secretes a substance called oxytocin. The brain secretes good hormones. During masturbation, the blood vessels of the heart become larger. Masturbation is not a curse, it is a blessing. Gadre says.


Does it work if you masturbate many times? Or how often do you masturbate every day, week, or month?

Anything overdone turns into an addiction. In concentration, work begins to be hampered.

Dr. Speaking on the occasion, Rajan Bhosale said, “There is no such thing as a definite number. The number of times you do it varies from person to person. The number does not matter here. However, if there is an obstacle in daily life, concentration, study, work, it should be considered.

This applies to any other case. If any habit or addiction is interfering with your life, it can be a problem as well as masturbation. “

What if I haven’t masturbated?

Don’t masturbate nowadays, avoid masturbating for a whole month and control your mind ‘S campaigns appear on the Internet.

It is also claimed that avoiding masturbation can lead to concentration. So people have doubts about this too.

Some people believe that masturbation affects concentration.

Gender problem expert Dr. Prakash Kothari, while talking to BBC Hindi, had also commented on the misconceptions about masturbation.

Many patients There are many misconceptions in people’s minds about masturbation. The process of masturbation is the same as sex. Both have the same function. So masturbation does not cause any physical harm.”

Some campaigns that do not masturbate appear on the Internet

Some people also think that you should not masturbate. Kothari had said, “If you don’t walk for two months and suddenly you have to walk two miles in one day, your legs will hurt. If you observe silence for two months and suddenly you are asked to give a lecture, you will not find words. The same is true of your genitals. It’s not written to be bad. “


What are the rules for masturbation?

Although masturbation is a natural process, there are certain rules to follow. It should be noted that it is illegal to do so in public.

Hygiene is also required during masturbation.

Hygiene is extremely important

Safe ways should be used while ejaculating by stimulating oneself. Do not use dangerous routes as well as objects. It is expected to be done in private, say expert doctors.


Do women masturbate? 

women masturbate? 
fingers in grapefruit on pink background. Sex and masturbation concept. sexy fruit composition. Vagina symbol.


The answer is yes. Most people think that only men masturbate. But this is a big misconception.

“Around 62 per cent of women worldwide masturbate,” said sexologist Dr. Says Sharmila Mujumdar.

Yes ….. women masturbate …

women masturbate? 
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Of course, it is difficult to get such statistics in India because Indian women feel hesitant or guilty of saying that they masturbate.

They also explain the benefits of masturbation for women. “Masturbation does not cause any harm. On the contrary, it releases hormones that improve the mood of the body. These hormones reduce stress and menstrual cramps. You do not get a sexually transmitted disease, and more importantly, there is no risk of pregnancy.”


There are more benefits. According to a study published in the scientific journal Sleep Medicine, masturbation also helps to cure restless leg syndrome (a disease of the nervous system that causes the legs to move constantly and become restless).

“Indian women who are under constant stress may feel relieved by masturbation,”


Should married people masturbate? 

Should married people masturbate?
Unhappy Married Couple and Sexual Problems Concept. Frustrated Man and Woman Not Talking Feeling Offended or Stubborn. Concept of Impotence. Man Have Problems.


There is a widespread belief that married people should not masturbate and that they should have sex together. Dr. According to Prasanna Gadre, this perception is very wrong. He says there is no set number of times when people should masturbate.

Talking about the life of a married person, he said, “There is nothing wrong with a married woman masturbating. Also, in the early days, masturbation can be relied upon until the world settles down.

If the wife is pregnant, it is advised not to have sex during the first three and last three months. Dr. According to Gadre, “During the entire period of pregnancy, you should follow the advice of a gynecologist and obstetrician. It is okay to have sex only by asking about the condition of the baby, health or using the option of direct masturbation for full 9 months.

If the husband and wife are geographically distant from each other, then the husband and wife can resort to masturbation. If one of the spouses has a temporary or long-term illness, it is possible to masturbate instead of having sex.

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