What is blogging in English

Learn what blogging is all about. 

What is blogging in English

In today’s technological life everyone is constantly talking about blogging or blogging. According to a survey, more than 5 million blogs are created in the world every day. But we all may be wondering what exactly is a blog? (What is blogging or blog in English?) And how does it work? How to make money from blogging? (How to earn money from?) A lot of questions you have about blogging and blogging.If you are also curious about blogging and blogging then you have come to the right place. Next in this article we will learn about blogging and blogging in full and simple words:

What is a #blog? (What is blog in English) 

What is blog
What is blogging in English

A blog is, to put it simply, a diary where you write about things you know. Content your thoughts, experiences, events, etc. If you think that the information you have should be used by other needy people, then you have to create a website, a blog, and write the information you have in that blog, when that information is presented on the internet, thousands, millions of people see the articles you write. This is called a blog and the person who writes information in a ‘blog’ is called a ‘blogger’. When you do a search on Google, e.g. What is blogging in English? When Google displays some links (websites) in front of you, they are called blogs.

write english blog

# What is blogging in English? 

What is blo
What is blogging in English

You know what a blog is. Blogging is the process of writing information that is well-designed and displayed on a blogging website. E.g. By writing down the information you know, you display it on your blog every day, which means you are blogging.

Benefits of #blogging Advantages of blogging in English

Blogs are not just an online diary, but here you can express your thoughts online. Many people are choosing blogging as a career and have become successful in it. Similarly there are many benefits of blogging which are as follows.

Freedom: You can express your thoughts on any topic through blogging, there is no one to stop you. With just a few things in mind, you can get your thoughts across to people the way you want them to. Here you can be the boss yourself and work as long as you want.

Gaining popularity: Here you have the opportunity to increase your popularity. You can influence millions of people and increase your own popularity by sharing your thoughts or information about what you already know. A lot of people who have become popular across the country through blogging.

Making Money: In today’s lifestyle, blogging has become a means of making money. Almost everyone blogs to make money. There is a lot of potential to make money from blogging just to be able to use this potential properly.

Brand building: If you have some skills, you can accomplish them through blogging. Today, the Internet connects millions of people and allows you to build your own brand through blogging.

Helping others: You can help others in a very good way through blogging. You can write articles in a way that will greatly benefit others. Like you can guide many people through Motivational Blog, control anger, overcome difficult situations and so on. You can also help many needy people through educational and other information blogs.

Enhancing Knowledge: Blogging is one of the things you can learn about. You get to learn new things, your thinking ability increases, you get to experience the thoughts of different people, your knowledge increases.

# What are the types of blogging? Types of blogging in English

If you look at it, there are many types of blogging, but they are all divided into 2 types, as follows.

1) Event blogging:

Event blogging is limited to a short period of time or to a specific event.

This type of blogging involves a lot of small blogs.

The goal is to make more money in less time.

Creating these types of blogs requires the right skills and experience.

Google, facebook, instagram ads are used more.

The goal is to reach more people in less time and go viral.

You have to invest money, if you spend it properly, you can make good money, otherwise there is a risk of losing money.

E.g. When you open a wishing website for a festival, you get a greeting message. It can earn money from Google Adsense, Affilite Marketing, Product Selling, Promotions etc. We will learn how to do it in this article.

2) Permanent Blogging.

This type of blogging requires a lot of hard work and research.

It takes a lot of time for yourself and the blogs you create.

It is very important to be patient.

Every day new blogs have to be created and presented on the internet.

This type of blogging makes you money for life Can earn.

More and more people are focusing on permanent blogging.

E.g. Take the blog we wrote that you are reading now.

# Who can do blogging? Who can do blogging in English

You don’t need any educational qualification or degree to blog. Anyone can do blogging, you just have to have the right amount of information. It depends on how you communicate the information you have to the people and how readers take it. The biggest misconception about blogging is that you have to be a great writer to start blogging. But there is no truth in these things. A lot of people are reading blogs to get information and a positive outlook on personal life. So many bloggers write blog posts in a very informal and conversational style. To become a successful blogger or to choose a blogging career, you just have to be curious and passionate about your subject. If you are curious about any subject, you think you can provide complementary information to your readers, you have a brief knowledge about internet and technology then good luck you can also make a career in blogging.

# Where to display blogs? Best blogging platform’s 


1) WordPress.com: This is truly and the best blogging platform. The best choice and most popular for all bloggers is WordPress.org. WordPress gives you a lot of options to make your blogging website and blogs attractive. It’s amazingly easy to use and flexible, more than 30% of all websites on the Internet are from wordpress.org. 

Blogger logo

2) Blogger.com: One of the oldest blogging platforms ever and requires a Google Account to get started. blogger.com is available for free to all so if you want to experience blogging and you want to blog without spending money then blogger.com is the right option for you.

3) weebly.com: This is a blogging platform. Here too you can do Blogging for free. This allows you to create a beautiful, well-maintained website and blog on Dag and Drop. 


4) tumblr.com: It is one of the most popular Micro-Blogs (Small Blogs) platforms and is also the simplest blogging site in the world.

5) Medium: An online publishing platform that lets you import your content from anywhere on the web. But if you are looking for the best blogging platform to make money, you can’t make money fast from here. The criteria for this site are slightly different.

So these are the 5 best platforms from which you can do other blogging options but they are open for you to choose according to your thoughts.

# How to start a blog How to start a blog in English

1) Choose a blog name

You can write a lot of blogs based on the topic you know the most about choosing a blog name. The name of the blog has to be chosen accordingly. Choose a name that suits your hobbies, a name that suits you if you share your experience. The names of good blogs are descriptive so that readers can quickly tell or identify what is in the blog by reading its name.

2) Make your blog online

Now that you’ve got a name, it’s time to get your blog online. This may seem difficult or technical but if you have a little technical knowledge you can do it easily. Two things you need to keep your blog running are domain and hosting. The good news is that these two items are packaged together.

What is a domain? What is domain in english

domain name for blogging website 

domain name for blogging website 
domain names

The name of your blog or website is domain. Domains you can buy and get for free. If you want to make a name for yourself through blogging, you need a domain. For example, your website is identified by the domain jivanmarathi.com. Here we write all kinds of blogs in Marathi (Blog in marathi) based on your life.

Domains you get in different extensions

E.g. .com, .in, .co, .gov, etc.

Of all these, .com is the most popular.

What is hosting? What is hosting for blogging in English

hosting for blogging
hosting for blogging

Blog Host is a company that maintains all the files for your blog, the blogs you write. When Internet users type in the name of your blog, they deliver information to that user. So you need to have a hosting to run a blogging website. You also need to have software to create your blog. So you can use wordpress.com software as software, because it is the most popular, customized and easy to use. And for hosting you can use bluehost.in, godaddy.com. Domain names and hosting cost a little money.

3) Modify the blog

Once you have purchased the domain and hosting, install the WordPress software in it. After logging in to the software you will have many options to make changes to the blog. Everyone theirs The idea of ​​what a blog should look like is different. One of the great things about WordPress blogs is that you can change your entire blog layout and design with just a few clicks.

Blog layouts are known as “themes” in WordPress. What is a blog theme? So themes control the whole structure of your blog. WordPress has a lot of themes you need and you can use them for your blogs for free.

4) Write and publish your first post 

hosting for blogging
Write your first blog

write your blog:-

Give a topic that suits the topic you are writing about and start writing a blog post, the blog post should be unique and readable. That post should be honestly yours. Many people copy other people’s posts, photos from Google and put them on your blog but Google makes such a mistake as it is easily recognizable. So practice putting your ideas and information into words. And try to write a blog post in at least 1000 to 3000 words, and publish once the post is complete.

Congratulations! Now you know how to start your own blog and publish content!

5) Advertise your blog

Creating a well-designed blog and writing great articles is just the beginning. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Especially when you’ve just started a blog. You have to spend 30 percent to write a blog post and 70 percent to promote it.

You can publish your blog on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. This way readers will come to your blog and share blog posts later.

You can also promote your blog by commenting on other people’s blogposts.

# How to earn money from blogging How to earn money from blogging

earn money from blogging
earn money from blogging

money from blogging in english 

Making money from your blog is really a simple thing once you have tried your best to create a great blog post and promote your blog. Blogs have the potential to make millions, but don’t assume that you will start making money in the first week or even the first month. It can take a period of six months to a year to see a steady flow of income. Blogging looks at time and dedication to your work. But once you have a large audience, there are many ways you can monetize your blog. We will look at some of them

1) Google Adsense: 

Google Adsense: 
Google Adsense:

Once your blog becomes popular and the number of readers for your blog starts to increase, your website should be approved by Google Adsense. Many advertisers advertise their products or other things. Google meets advertisers for you, and you need to put the Google Adsense code on your blog to start advertising. Google Adsense then takes all the effort and pays you to show ads on your blog. And this money goes from lakhs to crores. It depends on your hard work.

2) Affilate marketing: 

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? (what is affiliate marketing for blogging in marathi?) Commission-based way of advertising When one of your readers clicks on a link to your blog, they are redirected to an advertiser’s site. Many people are earning millions of rupees a month by buying some of the products shown there. For affiliate marketing, many companies like amazon, flipkart provide opportunities for affiliate marketing.

3) Sales of products and services:

Selling services and goods is a great way to increase revenue through your blog. As your blog grows, you will begin to sell your products and services as you reach a wider audience. You can also make money from this.

4) Digital Downloads:

Ebooks, video tutorials and e-courses are the most widely used digital content sold by Blogger. If there is little overhead and no shipping costs, you can invite more people to lower the price. If you are skilled and knowledgeable in your subject, you can write an ebook according to your subject. There are many more options you can make.

So this is how you can start your blogging career according to the information we have given.

I hope this guide will tell you what blogging is. What is blogging in English? What is blogging? Questions you have about this are answered but if the answers to any of these questions are unclear to you or you have any doubts please let us know by commenting below and you will definitely get our response.

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