What to do after 12th?

What to do after 12th? (Career after 12th in english)

What to do after 12th

What to do after 12th?
What to do after 12th chosen best  career after 12th

Two of the most important questions facing students today are: What to do after 10th and what to do after 12th? (Career after 12th in english). If you go to see that, you can find the answer to the question of what to do after 12th, depending on which area you choose after 10th. According to the Indian education system, 12th standard is the last stage of school life. We cannot carelessly decide what to do after 12th. You need to consider various factors.

As well as making important decisions, it is also a difficult decision to make today, especially in today’s context. Today, students are faced with a myriad of options and many courses, all of which seem almost equally rewarding and interesting. This wide range of courses available today makes the decision-making process even more complicated for students. A few years ago there were days when pursuing a career as an engineer, doctor, chartered accountant and other such key fields was a great career opportunity. And students as well as parents used to tend to this. Students today have a much more diverse range of options than they did a few years ago. They are more open to experimenting in new areas and the main thing is that many students are making their own careers in such areas.

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Following are some important things to consider before choosing a new area

First of all, look at the advantages and disadvantages of the course you choose. That is, see how beneficial this course will be for you in the future.

Various advertisements and campaigns are run on the courses to entice the students after 12th standard. But students should not fall into their trap and choose the course only after thorough investigation.

Students should also keep in mind their preferences when choosing a course. Given the growing demand for engineering and IT, you are considering a career in it, but if you are not interested in both, make no mistake about it.

Don’t choose any course or job that your friends or other students have seen. Make sure you know the selection, professors and placement performance of any of your courses or institutions. This will save you from falling victim to fraud.

What to do after 12th? (Career after 12th in English)

# Commerce Branch 

commerce branch after 12th

What to do after 12th chosen best career after 12th
What to do after 12th

Let us first look at the branch of commerce. Simply put, “Commerce is a branch of any business that covers the economic part of the legal, social, political, technical and cultural system.” The Commerce course is the choice of a large community of students. Students who want to work in the corporate world usually choose the commerce field in their education and are required to take CAT, XAT and MAT exams. Many colleges in India and abroad are offering courses in Commerce. It is possible to do diploma course, UG course (Under Graduation / Under Graduation) and PG course (Post Graduation / Post Graduation) after 12th Commerce.

As a 12th grade commerce student, you need to know the basics of economics, accounting, math and business studies. A good knowledge of these concepts will help you in your further studies in the field of commerce.

After completing 12th in Commerce you have a lot of options to choose from. BBA and B.Com are the most common courses chosen by the students. Apart from BBA and B.Com, there are other courses available in which you can make a great career. Like you

1) Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

2) Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

3) Bachelor Master of Commerce (M.Com)

4) Master in Business Administration (MBA)

5) B.Ed.

6) ICWA Bachelor in Library Science

7) Import Export Diploma

8) MCA

9) LLB

You can select your area of ​​interest. After completing Twelfth with Commerce stream, you will have to start further education, for which choose UG or integrated UG courses like five year integrated BBA + MBA. For admission in UG courses, you must have passed 12th or equivalent examination with Commerce subjects from any recognized board.

# Art Branch

Arts branch after 12th

What to do after 12th
What to do after 12th

The branch that has been neglected by students for many years is the arts. This branch has two sections: 1) Applied Arts 2 and Fine Arts

After Class XII, you can take the following lessons in Arts:

1) B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

2) B.J.M (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)

3) B.SW (Bachelor of Social Work)

4) B.A (Bachelor of Arts)

5) B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education)

6) Integrated Law Course: The total duration of education in the field of law is five years. It covers different areas of law. For example, forest laws, bIPC, Consumer Protection Act, Commercial Act, etc.

7) B. P. ED (Bachelor of Physical Education)

8) B.E.M (Bachelor of Event Management)

9) B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration): Not only Commerce but also Arts students can pursue a career in this field.

10) B.H.M. (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

11) Graphic design

12) Fashion designing

13) Home Science

14) Interior designing

Apart from this, there are many courses in which students of Arts can make a career by getting proper education. They can also do their own business.

What to do after 12th? (Career after 12th in English)

# Science Branch 

What to do after 12th
What to do after 12th

What to do after 12th

If you look at it, if you have a good percentage, then the students in the science branch are getting advice to go for engineering or medical field only. But without these two, they have no idea how many options are available. Science has two parts 1) PCM (PCM- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) 2) PCB (PCB – Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Some options for PCM students for their further education

1) Diploma in Engineering (Engineering)

2) B.Tech

3) B.C.A.

5) D.Ed.

6) BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

7) BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

8) Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

9) BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)

10) Commercial Pilot Training

11) b. Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture)

12) BIBF (Degree in International Business and Finance)

13) B.Sc (Chemistry)

14) B.Sc (IT)


Now let’s look at some career options after 12th standard for students who have chosen PCB as a subject

What to do after 12th
What to do after 12th

1) B.Pharm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

2) B.A.M.S.

3) Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

4) BBA

5) B.M.S.

6) B.B.S.


8) B.V. (Vocational Bachelor)

9) B.Com. (Commerce graduate)

10) B.A.

11) B.Sc. Nursing

12) Other Diploma Courses

Apart from this some other options are also available.

There are more types in the field of engineering. Some of those options

What to do next after 12th

1) Civil Engineering

2) Electrical engineering

3) Chemical engineering

4) Automobile Engineering

5) Agricultural Engineering

6) Environmental Engineering

7) Marine Engineering

8) Computer Science Engineering

9) IT Engineering

10) Energy Engineering

11) Production engineering


Gather more information about any branch before choosing an option.

Often we see people who are not dissatisfied with their field of work and wish that they should move to a different field. But switching fields is not easy once you start working. With all these things in mind, you need to be sure about the course chosen by the students. It’s important to make sure that whatever course you choose is in line with your personal career interests. What to do after 12th? (Career after 12th in marathi) The answer to this question depends on your next career or in other words, your life.

How to choose the right career in english
How to choose the right career after 12th

So make a thoughtful decision. Whatever subject you choose, go to any field but always remember to do whatever you want to do wholeheartedly.

How to choose the right career in english
How to choose the right career after 12th

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